Monday, November 19, 2007

Paid Post for Bloggers

Recently I have been thinking to look for some side income thru online as I plan to be a SAHM (Stay-At-Home-Mom) one day. Thought of some online business or paid post for bloggers. Went thru some sites and I spotted this PayPerPost (PPP).
There might many of you have known about this website but if for those of you who is still new like me, PPP operated the largest sponsored content marketplace in the world where advertisers will create an account and post up their requirement or details of their products, hence created this 'opportunity' to be listed in the auction site. Bloggers like us (aka posties) who are willing to create content on the advertisers behalf can browse thru and pick from the opportunity list to blog about the products or services to get paid.
I have just registered to give myself a try. Yes....which means I will be paid for blogging or promote the products or services on behalf of the PPP advertisers provided my blog is being approved. PPP will need to review the bloggers post whether it fits the requirement before approved it for payment.
Sounds easy and interesting as making money opportunity? Please drop a line to
this website and explore it yourself and start making money like I did.